Peggy Hall Exposes Federal Law that Carries a Life Sentence for Hoaxes Related to Biological Hazards

Peggy Hall, the Healthy American
Educator and activist Peggy Hall reports that a federal law, Title 18 US Code §1038, is related to “Making False Statements Or Misleading Information Regarding Biological Hazards Or Hoaxes” and that when there is bodily injury or death resulting from violating this law, the penalty is life in prison. Another federal law prohibits fraud in connection with a major disaster or emergency benefits and carries a sentence up to 30 years. In addition, the state of California has a law against calling an emergency when there is no emergency. California health and safety code requires government officials to terminate the state of emergency at the earliest possible date. She is involved in a lawsuit against the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

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Depose Debauched Despots
Depose Debauched Despots
7 months ago

Use the ‘law’ to jail tony fauxi, its crime partner birx, their owner bill BLACK PLAGUE gates, and tedros – their UN/WHO propagandist. That’s just to start.

There is not one political hack (quaintly called, “politicians”) that does not know corona virus and its covid derivatives are scamdemic, plandemic hoaxes. Thus, they all broke the ‘law’ that Peggy Hall cites. And, ALL must be swiftly tried by law, and Justice truly rendered against these covid inhuman monsters.

MJ Raichyk, PhD
MJ Raichyk, PhD
6 months ago

This law would support FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE etc in their suppression of medical news on HCQ and Intravenous HighDose vitaminC by simply saying they would risk such life imprisonment if they didn’t follow the directions of WHO and CDC….. double edged sword

Kerry Dean Fritz II
Kerry Dean Fritz II
4 months ago

Executive Orders and Governor mandates are not law and they have no rights to lock non-voters down ! What part of George Carlin’s Ít’s a club and you ain’t in it’ (skit) do voters not understand ? Blame the 35% (moral minority) of the US population who are voters/ enablers of the 1%/are complicit/consent by voting, and are [thus] a danger to the rest of us and the world (except Israel). The US has been a mere CORPORATION (legal fiction = not a Republic) since 1861 when the southern states walked out of Congress over the issue of not wanting… Read more »

4 months ago

I believe President Trump turned us back into a Repulic once again, but I will have to check for sure. What scares me is that Biden says he will reverse everything Trup did. We must not allow that to happen.