Leftists Create Website to Dox Trump Donors

Donald Trump supporters, Wiki
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A new leftist doxing website created to intimidate Trump donors by publishing their names and addresses along with Google maps and data from the Federal Elections Commission. Originally, the site was Racist.watch, but it now directs to DonaldTrump.watch, and appears to have been created to encourage violence against Trump supporters. The website appears to have changed its front page from using the caption “Americans That Give Money To Support A Racist” to a new caption that reads “Americans that Donated to a Vulgar, Lying, Draft Dodger and Tax Cheat. 220,000 DEAD”

A new leftist doxing website created to intimidate Trump donors by exposing their data with the help of Google maps and data allegedly scraped from the FEC is a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors and make friends.

The site, DonaldTrump.watch, was clearly created to encourage terrorism against us but it also helps to show we’re not alone.

The site allows anyone to search throughout the country down to their own neighborhoods and see the names and addresses of all Trump donors (don’t put your address in, just scroll to wherever and click “search here” at the top).

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1 year ago

Doxxing people is so reprehensible! I remember when the Democrat Party stood for First Amendment freedoms and for privacy. The whole Roe v Wade thing is based on privacy rights! Over time, they’ve lost their way. Democrats now champion censorship, physically preventing people from freely assembling, and invade people’s privacy through doxxing. They use lawfare to deprive people of fundamental rights, and are colluding with communists in China and elsewhere to destroy private property rights and every other right We the People hold dear in America. I used to be thankful to the Democrat Party for standing as a defender… Read more »

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
1 year ago

Let them try doxxing Goldman Sachs and Sheldon Adelson.
I wish them success.