James Corbett’s Master Guide to the Great ‘Reset’ That is Underway

James Corbett has produced a tour de force analysis of what lurks behind all the pleasant sounding catch phrases being used to convince the public that something called the Great Reset is going to be a wonderful thing when, in truth, it is a cover for what is intended to be the total and final takedown of privacy and freedom everywhere in he world. It is to be none in the name of reacting to a multitude of politically-manufactured crises all converging with such impact as to stun the world population into passive and grateful obedience in return for promises of survival and safety. Corbett dissects every aspect of the hidden agenda with great clarity leaving little for the imagination. In the final analysis, the Great Reset is just the latest phrase used to describe what, for decades has been called the New World Order but with the added flavor of technology. In other words, it’s the same old flimflam of collectivism but with the feature of moving the center of power from politicians to technicians claiming to speak for science. The new version of collectivism is to be administered by unelected administrators and experts, and the elected politicians will be reduced to onlooking cheer leaders. Corbett also shows how the insane drive toward transhumanism plays an important role in this downward transformation of humanity. -GEG

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1 month ago

James Corbett is one of leading voices in common sense advice and I have listened to him for quite a while and he has always had the truth about most of the issues today.

1 month ago

This article hits it right between eyes. Name change – but not game change. The goal ? CONTROL ! ! !

27 days ago

Everybody mentions the Orwellian World coming.
The Time Machine by HGWells describes a further stage after the Orwellian model. Check the last two chapters and see how he gets on the time machine and goes “Back to the Future” to see how the Molocs managed the humans then.

2 days ago

[“Humour”] The New World Odor can be renamed the Great Roastup in recognition of microwave and other means to “boil the frog” slowly so it’s not noticed until the water is too hot? The meaning of the name change signals a shift from promulgating a vision of a new stability repalcing an old order, to a period of lower stability with the offered hope of superseding intractable problems. That said, why did the New World Order fail as a promotional vehicle? And what is our positive vision? A Proverb says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” What can… Read more »