Minnesota: Somali Vote Harvester Filmed Exchanging $200 for a Blank Ballot

US Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, Wiki
Video obtained by Project Veritas shows a Somali ballot harvester buying a registration form for an absentee ballot form from a voter for $200. Another ballot harvester, Osman Ali Dahquane, said that he was given $800 for his vote because he has a pool of 40 voters under him. He says he doesn’t care if his activities are illegal. He stated that the money comes from the candidates, and that election judges are paid off, too.

Whistleblower Jamal, who works with the sheriff, said that 80,00 Somali immigrants will swing the election in November and millions of dollars will be spent on the voting block. A former co-worker of Ilhan Omar said that the Congresswoman started the pay-to-vote scheme. She said that people on Ilhan Omar’s payroll count the votes at polling places and even manage the precincts! Translators are allowed to accompany voters into the booths and they mark the ballots for the voters.

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