Portland Antifa Member Who Shot Patriot-Prayer Man Was Killed By Police!

Portland: A Youtube video analysis of the murder of Patriot Prayer member Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was gunned down last Saturday night, concluded that Black Lives Matter and Antifa mercenaries conspired and ambushed the Trump supporter. Michael Reinoehl and another man, broke away from the crowd and walked up the street, followed by a cameraman who documented the killing. Reinoehl was never arrested. Recently, he sat for an interview with Vice News and told the leftist media outlet, “I had no choice. I mean…I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn’t going to do that.” He essentially admitted to killing Danielson. In another prior interview, Reinoehl reported he was shot in the arm in an altercation. He brought his 11-year old daughter with him to the riots to “give her an education”, and she was photographed carrying an aluminum baseball bat. Reinoehl was killed by police in Lacey, Washington, near Olympia, Washington on Thursday night. He was reported to be under surveillance by law enforcement and carrying a firearm when he was shot. We are awaiting details. -GEG

Analysis of Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson’s murder:


Previous interview with Reinoehl on Bloomberg:

Local new report on the death of Michael Reinoehl:

Journalist Andy Ngo reported that Reinoehl was involved in the downtown mob beating where he & other thugs, including Marquis Love, the man who brutally kicked another man in the head a few weeks ago, tried to steal the gun of a man they said was a “Nazi.”
Reinoehl, in another recent interview, reported that he was shot in the arm in an altercation. He brought his 11-year old daughter with him to the riots to “give her an education” and she was photographed carrying an aluminum baseball bat.
Youtube screenshot

Mr. Reinoehl was arrested June 8 for driving 111 miles an hour on Interstate 84, racing his 17-year old son, while under the influence of marijuana and illegally possessing a handgun with his 11-year-old daughter in the car.


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5 months ago

Now what is needed is to cut the head off of the snake and that is Geo boy Soros.