The War on Cops Is NOT About Racism

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Heather MacDonald, author of  The War on Cops, strips away the usual emotionalism from the issue of police brutality and turns, instead, to statistics. The numbers are shocking. Instead of supporting the widespread belief that American police are infected with systemic racism against blacks, the numbers prove otherwise. When the number of incidents of excessive police violence are compared to the relative sizes of racial populations, it appears that there truly is anti-black bias. However, when they are compared to the relative sizes of crime populations, the bias is negative. The reality is that there is more crime in minority neighborhoods, more need for police intervention, and more exposure to the possibility of excessive violence. MacDonald makes it clear that the disintegration of support for police is a crushing blow, not only to all Americans, but particularly to those living in black communities where crime rates are soaring. -GEG

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Summarized Facts
Summarized Facts
2 years ago

In the weeks following the riots, as police have backed off of proactive policing, homicides have increased by 100% in Minneapolis, 200% in Seattle, 40% in St. Louis, 240% in Atlanta, and 182% in Chicago. Shootings have more than doubled in New York City, compared to last year, and, in June, 97% of shooting victims were people of color.   The elite establishment and the mainstream media have created the notion that police are wantonly killing black men and that racism is America’s defining trait.   The raw numbers show that every year police fatally shoot about 1,000 people, the… Read more »