Special-Ed Teacher Under Fire for Encouraging BLM Supporter to Kneel on Baby

Isaiah Jackson
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A disturbing photograph surfaced on the internet that depicted BLM supporter, Isaiah Jackson, kneeling on a baby in a photo (that mimicked the knee hold on George Floyd) with the caption “BLM now MF”. Jackson is currently in jail on a parole violation in Ohio. While most people condemned the stunt, Brian Papin, a special-education teacher at Cedar Grove High School in Atlanta, Georgia, encouraged Jackson to “lean into it until death.” -GEG

A disturbing photograph depicting a BLM supporter Isaiah Jackson kneeling on a baby surfaced on the internet on Wednesday. While almost everyone hated him for doing such a stunt, a special education teacher Brian Papin of Cedar Grove High School, Atlanta, Georgia, encouraged him to “lean into it until death.” Check Brian Papin wiki, bio, and news.

The Facebook post of a black man kneeling on a white baby went viral on social media platforms which saw a teacher commenting a horrific statement. Brian Papin has come under fire and an investigation is underway to extract more details on the Cedar Grove High School special education teacher.

Brian Papin Cedar Grove High School Special Ed Teacher Details

According to his LinkedIn page, Brian has been a special ed teacher at Cedar Grove High School since July 2018.

Numerous calls were reported to DCSD (DeKalb County School District) leaders about “the disturbing social media post associated with a district teacher.” The district confirmed the news shortly after on July 23.

In the viral photograph which read “BLM now me,” Brian supported Isaiah to continue leaning on the two-year-old baby till his death. The teacher is facing backlash from people around the world for not condemning the act. A teacher should always propagate peace and encourage everybody around to follow the right path.

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