Seattle: Car Hits Two BLM Protesters Standing On I-5 Freeway, One Dies

Summer Taylor, Youtube
A Black Lives Matter protest to abolish the police took place on the Interstate 5 Freeway, for the 19th day in a row. At 1:30 in the morning, the protesters parked vans on the road to block vehicles. The driver’s vision was obscured as the road was curved, the parked vans blocked his field of vision, and the protesters wore dark clothing. He struck two female protesters, Summer Taylor, 24, and Diaz Love, 32, who were standing in the road. Summer Taylor died at the hospital and Love is in the intensive care unit. The driver of the Jaguar, Dawit Kelete, fled the scene, but another protester chased him down. Kelete was taken into custody and bail was denied. Trooper Rick Johnson said the Kelete went through a barrier that closed the freeway.

The Washington State Patrol said Saturday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.


A protester was seen attacking the driver after the incident:

From King 5:

Two protesters were hit by a car on I-5 in downtown Seattle around 1:30 am Saturday.

The Seattle Fire tweeted out that medics transported two females, estimated to be in their 20s, to Harborview from the scene.

Fire officials said one patient is in critical condition and the other is in stable condition.

“Investigation into motive and point of entry in to I-5 are still under investigation,” Highway State Patrol trooper Rick Johnson said Saturday morning after confirming the driver was taken into custody.

Blocking traffic at night around a curved road while wearing mostly dark clothing is a terrible idea.

The media is no doubt waiting to learn the race and political ideology of the driver before deciding whether to blow this up into a big story.

UPDATE: Someone ran the Jaguar’s plates and found the owner is a 27-year-old black man. Police said the driver is a 27-year-old which suggests it could be the same person but I’m holding off on identifying them until it’s confirmed.

UPDATE II: Police confirmed the driver is 27-year-old Dawit Kelete.

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Additional source:

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10 months ago

Follow the link and watch the video. The driver was traveling WAY TOO FAST when it is obvious that there are vehicles in the road. The driver was on the SHOULDER over the solid white line, NOT in a travel lane so the protesters were NOT “standing in the middle of the highway”. These misrepresentations, which I believe are deliberate only serve to damage the truthful dialog. I am not finding this story on CNN, very likely because the driver was a black man and this does not fit the divide and concur strategy of main stream media, although to… Read more »

10 months ago

They are on a highway? Are white, protecting BLM? What would they know about being black? No sympathy.

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
9 months ago

I can’t get worked up to sympathize with the protestor getting hit and killed. While human life is precious, it was the woman’s own fault for standing on a freeway. Perhaps this will stop other protestors from trying the same thing. A freeway isn’t the place for a protest. Perhaps a regular road would be a better choice where cars aren’t driving so fast.

9 months ago

People who interpret symbology used by the elite say it was a psy-op. Symbols all over….

9 months ago

Protesting on an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY not, too smart, “They” (picked that perhaps they have a legion of demons) may be loved and right and sweet but NOT SMART. They only have themselves to blame.