Georgia: Governor Kemp Is Suing Mayor Bottoms and Atlanta City Council Over Mask Mandate

Georgia Governor Kemp, Youtube

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp bucked the current trend and overruled all local governments within the state that issued a mandatory mask order. He said the mandates are unenforceable. He is suing Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms over her mandatory mask order and said the lawsuit is on behalf of Atlanta business owners and their employees who are struggling to survive during these difficult times. Last week, Mayor Bottoms said she tested positive for COVID-19, but has no symptoms. -GEG

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11 months ago

This seems to be a case of who has the power to give a more restrictive order. I would like to know about the individual states’ (governors’) power versus the federal recommendation. It seems to be that “protecting life” will be the magic phrase to win those mandates, over other civil rights, unfortunately, because I believe we should have the right to choose whether or not we want to risk shortness of breath and loss of oxygen and negative psychological effects from wearing a mask which is determined to not be effective at stopping something as minuscule as a “virus”.… Read more »