A Federal Court Case to End Water Fluoridation is Underway – But No Media Coverage

Dr. Paul Connet of the Fluoride Action Network is suing the EPA over adding toxic fluoride to the drinking water of 200-million Americans and says that it is a deliberate addition of a substance that damages the brain. Children and the fetuses in pregnant women are especially susceptible to brain damage. Due to the COVID lockdown, the case is being litigated remotely on Zoom, and people can tune in and watch it this week. Dr. Connet’s evidence includes an analysis that found a strong relationship between high levels of fluoride and lower IQ and this effect will occur from drinking only one glass of fluoride-treated water per day. The toxic effects of fluoride are similar to lead. The trial is open to the public to watch on the Internet. [See link below.] -GEG

Link & Times To Watch The Trial Live:    

TSCA Trial Press Kit

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10 months ago

Go! Win! Will probably lose, but if not, they’ll just add something WORSE to the water (or some other universal food/product).

terry shead
terry shead
10 months ago

We in the uk don’t have fluoride in our water, has far has I know, I know it causes cancer, my Dentist said to me if I put a sign on the window that fluoride causes cancer, he said they would re- voke my licence, great having freedom of speech don’t you think.