Protests Against Quarantines Are Appearing Globally but Downplayed by the Media

Protests, Youtube
James Corbett shows video of protests against quarantines and business shut-downs around the world that are killing economies. He exposes Google, DuckDuckGo, and Start Page for censoring information about these protests. Corbett concludes that the pandemic is a fake reality that exists only because people believe it exists. Any evidence that would weaken that belief, therefore, must be blocked. Perhaps the most important part of his analysis is that mass refusal to comply with totalitarian edicts is the only way to halt and then reverse the process. -GEG

Show notes:

Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett #060

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7 months ago

End the MOCKdown now!!!

7 months ago

Thank you for this video, John! I’ve been saying all along we must practice civil disobedience – DO NOT SUBMIT! I’m prepared to be arrested or killed for my beliefs in this because I will NOT get any contact tracing app (I want to give up my phone, but husband just pointed out I may need it for an emergency, which is the main reason I ever got a cell phone to begin with – sigh), I will NOT get tested, I will NOT get a vaccine – ever, I will NOT wear a do-nothing mask! I will go out… Read more »

jim carter
jim carter
7 months ago