Mother Arrested At Playground, Protest Outside Arresting Officer’s Home

Ada County Sheriff’s Office
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Idaho: Sara Walton Brady, a mother of two who is married to a Boise police detective, was arrested by Meridian police after she violated the city’s ban against using playground equipment by taking her children to a local public park. She refused to leave the park after multiple requests by the police. The people at the park were reportedly members of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and were protesting Idaho Governor Brad Little’s stay-at-home order. On Tuesday evening, nationally renowned patriot and activist Ammon Bundy joined around fifty protesters outside the home of the arresting officer to file an address of grievances.

Viral footage of an Idaho mother being arrested at a public playground sparked protests outside the arresting officer’s home with outspoken patriot Ammon Bundy leading the bunch.

Sara Walton Brady, a mother of two, was arrested by Meridian police on Tuesday after she violated the city’s ban against using playground equipment by taking her children to a local public park where other families were also gathered.

When asked to leave the park for “trespassing,” Sara protested, argued she wasn’t trespassing and was arrested.

As the officer walked Brady to his patrol car, the woman behind the camera can be heard yelling, “Her kids are here! Her kids are here? What is going to happen? Who’s got her kids?”

Sara’s children were allegedly left at the park when she was apprehended.

A second video shows the mother being escorted to a police vehicle as other parents gathered at the park voiced their opposition to the arrest.

“As a person, does this make sense to you? As a person — not as a police officer, as a person — does this make sense to YOU?” one woman asked.

Another woman pointed out that the arresting officers didn’t have any masks or gloves on and were physically touching her.

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2 years ago

They started to protest at the officers house? Not okay.

And she wanted to be arrested. They did not drive away with out someone picking up her kids. Come on people. I’m sure her buddies had a plan for that.