COVID: Here Come the Antibody Tests — Quick, Easy, and Insane

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The US FDA has approved a new test to detect COVID-19, and millions of test kits have been ordered. The blood test detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself. Before 1984 (when the AIDS virus was said to be a world-threatening pandemic), a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient had achieved immunity against the disease, and the risk was over. After 1984, the public was told a positive result meant the patient “had the germ”, was in great danger, and needed medication to prevent the spread. Antibody tests commonly produce false-positives owing to factors that have nothing to do with the disease being tested. Yet, here come the tests! Neither the false positives nor the genuine positives will be a measure of risk but, none the less, they will be used as proof that the ‘deadly’ pandemic is spreading. -GEG

There are two worlds. In the first, independent researchers with no conflicts of interest, and, hopefully, a sense of logic, sort out what is actually going on behind propaganda parading as medical research.

In the second world, it’s all official propaganda, wall to wall, posing as science.

This article looks at the second world. It doesn’t mention what I’ve established in prior articles (full archive here): the unproven discovery of a new virus (COVID); the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus, rendering case numbers meaningless; the con-job proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause, rather than a grouping of people with diverse conditions clustered under one fake umbrella term (COVID).

In the second world, we have the announcement that a new antibody test has been developed to detect COVID-19 virus in people. Millions of test kits have been ordered. Some versions of the test can be self-administered quickly at home.

So let’s go to the mainstream media and see what they, and their medical sources, have to say about the new antibody test. Buckle up.

Chicago Tribune, April 3: “A new, different type of coronavirus test is coming that will help significantly in the fight to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and scientists say.”

“The first so-called serology test, which detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself, was given emergency approval Thursday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

“The serology test involves taking a blood sample and determining if it contains the antibodies that fight the virus. A positive result indicates the person had the virus in the past and is currently immune.”

“Dr. Elizabeth McNally, director of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Genetic Medicine…’You’ll see many of these roll out in the next couple of weeks, and it’s great, and it will really help a lot,’ said McNally, noting doctors and scientists will be able to use it to determine just how widespread the disease is, who can safely return to work and possibly how to develop new treatments for those who are ill.”

Got that? A positive test means the patient is now immune to the virus and can walk outside and go back to work.

NBC News, April 4, has a somewhat different take: “David Kroll, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Colorado who has worked on antibody testing, explained that the antibodies [a positive test] mean ‘your immune system [has] remembered the virus to the point that it makes these antibodies that could inactivate any future viral infections’.”

“What the test can’t do is tell you whether you’re currently sick with coronavirus, whether you’re contagious, whether you’re fully immune — and whether you’re safe to go back out in public.”

“Because the test can’t be used as a diagnostic test, it would need to be combined with other information to determine if a person is sick with COVID-19.”

Oops. No, this really isn’t a diagnostic test, it doesn’t tell whether the patient is immune and can go back to work. Excuse me, what??

Business Insider, April 3: “The world’s leading industrial nations have so far failed to identify any coronavirus antibody tests that will be accurate enough for home use, according to the UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”

“The UK and other nations are currently examining plans to use antibody tests to allow individuals with immunity to COVID-19 to exit their national lockdowns early through the use of a so-called ‘immunity passport’.”

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