American Farmer Warns of Food Shortages as US Imports Beef from Namibia

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American rancher Shad Sullivan warns of upcoming meat shortages, plowing under crops, dumping milk, and euthanizing livestock. He says ranchers are being forced to euthanize harvest-ready cattle because of employee absenteeism at processing plants. The absenteeism is the result of the government’s stay-at-home campaigns. Meanwhile, lower quality meat is being shipped in from Namibia and other overseas locations. -GEG

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1 year ago

Well, no wonder because it looks like it’s been the plan. In 2015 they had this event Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game, short video and longer video .John Podesta played prominent role in this event, and as I understood, they are planning to grow most of the food in Africa. Probably, after they’ll make sure that the native population is reduced enough to their liking.

gordon w kistler
gordon w kistler
6 months ago

I live on an 800 acre homestead in Alaska we do not eat beef, pork, we have are own chickens, ducks, geese, goats, wild turkey, we hunt moose, bear, and deer, plus salmon, and other sea food, we grow are own veggies too! are monthly food bill is pretty much $0!