The Pandemic Is, Not a Virus, But the Fear of a Virus

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A conservative Youtube personality who goes by the name ‘Mr. Reagan’ makes good points about how the coronavirus is, after all, merely the flu. He shows how China and the US media have over-hyped its severity and he shows the hypocrisy of leftists for claiming people are ‘racists’ for labeling the coronavirus as Chinese. -GEG

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Digital Humans Created by AI Could Replace Supermodels

February 3, 2023 Metro 1

A German company, ColorDigital, has launched a system for photorealistic ‚Äėdigital humans‚Äô to pose for campaigns. Brands can now create a unique team of digital models to use in fashion sales and marketing. Brands can save travel and production costs by using computer generated images, also known as ‘deep-fakes’.¬†

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Larry Elder Debunks Media and Leftists’ Claim of ‘White Supremacy’ in Police Killing of Tyre Nichols

Leftists blamed structural ‘white supremacy’ in policing for Nichols’ death, yet five black police officers were involved in the beating and were arrested. Larry Elder explained that virtually all of recorded police killings could be avoided if suspects do not resisted arrest.


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Beata Smith
Beata Smith
2 years ago

There is a connection here, or else a lack of imagination on their part…first it’s Mad Cow, then Avian Flu (chicken), then Swine Flu (pig), and now what–Fish Flu?!

2 years ago

I believe it is the cold virus. Too many people, if not all, do not have flu symptoms, but they definitely have cold symptoms (the key missing factors are loss of appetite and vomiting etc). When you do observe it as a cold virus, then it all makes sense.
Also, it’s interesting that the CDC/WHO are steering clear of labelling it as “flu” but rather a “coronavirus”, which the cold virus is.
I could be wrong, but it does fit.