Facebook User Observes How Easy it Was for the Government to Take Complete Control Overnight Simply by Scaring Everyone with a Feeble Virus

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Krista Moen Moyer wrote on Facebook:

“And just like that, the government controls all sporting events, concerts, jobs, colleges, medical facilities, whether or not you can leave your house, controls depleted resources such as toilet paper and food, controls all travel…. And you guys wonder why they develop and use viruses to scare the public. They now control you and everything about your life. See how easy it was? Mass panic, hysteria, complete control of, literally the world. Over a virus. One that has an extremely high survival rate. All freedom has been limited overnight. See how easy that was?”

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Taylor Young
Taylor Young
2 years ago

The Government did NOT shut down anything but travel. Everything else has been self-induced and was planned with the encouragement of the Globalists. Using a video of their “Event 201 Pandemic Strategy Session,” you are shown how “Global Organizations” planned to dominate the messaging (Full Spectrum Dominance) in the event of a “global outbreak.” We are living through the culmination of their planned strategy right now. The Coronavirus “plannedemic” was orchestrated a very long time ago. This “Strategy Session,” in October of 2019, was merely a refinement of previous tactics used over the years. Viral Marketing https://youtu.be/-727K585amo (short video) We… Read more »