Bernie Sanders’ Website Estimates His Socialist Policies Will Cost $100 Trillion

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Socialist Bernie Sanders is offering “free” stuff to voters that include healthcare, the Green New Deal and sustainable energy, pre-kindergarten child care, low income housing, free college tuition, and he wants to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Sanders’ policies would cost almost $100 trillion over a decade.

Financial expert Justin Haskins says that Sanders has a radical economic theory, known as ‘modern monetary theory,’ that allows central banks, like the Federal Reserve, to print infinite amounts of money.  In this system, taxes are not used to raise money, but to punish people and industries rulers don’t like, and to take money out of the system to battle inflation.

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1 year ago

Since when have “Americans” had a problem with the government printing money?
Eventually it’s going to reach $100 trillion anyway. At least with Sander’s way it won’t be going into the pockets of the wealthy and connected first.