Antifa and Leftists Swarmed New York City to Protest Against Police and Paying Subway Fares

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Grand Central Station in New York: An Antifa group, known as ‘Decolonize This Place’ and ‘FTP3’ drew hundreds of activists who swarmed the subway demanding the removal of police and subway fares. The protesters, many of them masked, were hopping turnstiles, vandalizing public transit platforms and store fronts, and they poured glue over subway turnstiles. Arrests were made at several different locations throughout the city.

Hundreds of anti-cop Antifa demonstrators caused havoc in New York City on Friday evening.

The protest, which is being referred to by Antifa as a “f-ck the police” demonstration or “J31,” for the date, are not only protesting police, but also subway fares.

“The mood for J31 is simple: f-ck your $2.75. No cops in the MTA. Free transit. No harassment, period, and full accessibility,” a masked thug in a promo video for the protest said. “We hope that you come through and move with us on J31. F-ck the police.”

The protesters, many of them masked, were hopping turnstiles and vandalizing public transit platforms, store fronts, and anything else they could get their hands on.

Some of the demonstrators even rigged subway station doors open with bike locks and violin strings to allow people to access the subway platforms without paying.

There was a massive police presence and multiple arrests have been made at several different locations throughout the city.

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2 years ago

I’m so happy for you New York. You got what you voted for.

2 years ago

Hey they want to remove the fares for riding the subway so who will pay for the upkeep and running the trains? Just stop running the trains and make them walk tp where they want to go.