It Was NOT Caused By Global Warming. 183 People Arrested For Starting Australia’s Bushfires.

Fire in Australia, Pixabay
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85% of bushfires are caused by humans, many accidentally. However, 183 people have been arrested in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania for DELIBERATELY starting bushfires over the last few months. Nevertheless, the media continues to report that these fires are the result of global warming – and they know that is a lie. -GEG

Authorities in Australia have arrested close to 200 people for deliberately starting the bushfires that have devastated the country, yet the media and celebrities continue to blame “climate change” for the disaster.

The fires have caused at least 18 deaths, destroyed thousands of homes, millions of hectares of land and killed hundreds of millions of animals.

A total of 183 people have been arrested by police in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania for lighting bushfires over the last few months, figures obtained by news agency AAP show.

In New South Wales, 24 people were arrested for arson, risking prison sentences of up to 25 years.

In Queensland, police concluded that 103 of the fires had been deliberately lit, with 98 people, 67 of them juveniles, having been identified as the culprits.

“The link between arsonists and the deadly fires that devastate Australia every summer is well known and well documented, with the rate of deliberately lit fires escalating rapidly during the school holiday period,” reports Breitbart’s Simon Kent.

Around 85 per cent of bushfires are caused by humans either deliberately or accidentally starting them, according to Dr Paul Read, co-director of the National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson.

“About 85 per cent are related to human activity, 13 per cent confirmed arson and 37 per cent suspected arson,” he said. “The remainder are usually due to reckless fire lighting or even just children playing with fire.”

Read also highlighted the link between school holidays and kids starting fires, commenting, “School holidays are a prime time for fire bugs, but especially over summer.” The kids have got time to get out there and light, and the most dangerous adults choose hot days.”

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Charles Andrew Robinson
Charles Andrew Robinson
1 year ago

I heard a Australian talking about how the Oil Fracking companies have damned the water in the North that used to feed the Southern Rivers. So add that to this fire story. They have dried up the rivers in the South of Australia so the oil fracking companies could use the water for fracking. It is also I think – just like the fires in California – the push to depopulate certain wild areas in the push for the 2020 agenda of herding people into smart cities.

Dennis and Connie Gomez
Dennis and Connie Gomez
1 year ago

I can believe this….as the NWO wants the WEST in the US…they burn, even murder (LaVoy Finicum) for the land and minerals!!!

Dennis and Connie Gomez
Dennis and Connie Gomez
1 year ago

kick the ILLEGALS out…as Amerika SHOULD!!!! Don’t allow them IN in the first place!!!!!