Senator Rand Paul Released His 2019 ‘Festivus’ Waste Report that Shows How the US Government Burned through $50-Billion on Scandalous Programs

Republican Senator Rand Paul has an annual tradition of revealing how much money the US government wastes in what he calls ‘Festivus airing of grievances.’ Senator Paul unleashed a tweetstorm linking to his waste report that accuses the US government of squandering over $50-billion dollars in 2019 on outrageous programs. Some of the spending included: $466,991 on studying frog mating calls in Panama, $1.2-million on the studying habits of online dating app users, tens of millions spent ‘green growth’ for Peru, $22-million spent on bringing Serbian cheese up to international standards, and more. Paul wrote, “These are only a few examples, but you get the idea. But we couldn’t possibly cut spending right? No waste here, no sir!”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has an annual tradition of revealing how much money the US government wastes in what he calls ‘Festivus airing of grievances.’

Senator Paul unleashed a tweetstorm on Monday linking to his waste report that alleges the US government wasted over $50 billion dollars in 2019 on outrageous programs.

Below is just a handful of programs the government wastes millions of dollars on while our veterans battle homelessness and shoddy healthcare.

“That reminds me of some of my favorite waste report grievances – your government is terrible and you should really have a lot of problems how you spend it,” Rand Paul said revealing the US govt spent $466,991 on studying frog mating calls in Panama.

US govt spent more than $33 million on textbooks for students in Afghanistan while US teachers use their own money for supplies here.

Also, $1,200,000 on studying habits of online dating app users.

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