Mainstream Media Acknowledges Flying Saucers Are Real – But Who’s Flying Them?

March 15, 2018 Fox News 1

Tucker Carlson shows a recent video of two Navy pilots encountering a UFO off the East coast of the US. The Pentagon pretends to be not interested in reports of UFOs flying close to military aircraft. Other government agencies also pretend to not investigate reports. [They do, of course, but they do not want to reveal what they found. That tells us a lot about what it is.] […]


Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump

March 15, 2018 Jake Morphonios 5

Jake Morphonios analyzes the significance of CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to the post of Secretary of State. He gives the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921, and shows how this group ever since has been at the center of a movement to transform the US from an independent nation into a subdivision of a world Marxist government. No one is spared in this dissertation. If you ever voted for a US president who won the election, including Donald Trump, be prepared to be indignant – and enlightened. This is one of the finest history lessons you will ever find. […]

GEG Commentary

CIA Operatives to Run for Congress in 2018

March 12, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

For many years, it has been rumored that CIA operatives have been placed into sensitive positions in what normally is considered the private sector – particularly the media, education, and law enforcement. A record-setting number of ex-CIA operatives are openly seeking Democratic nominations for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel openly moving into legislatures has no precedent in US political history. […]


Big Trouble Within NATO — Turkey Invaded Syria to Fight US-Backed Kurds

January 26, 2018 Jake Morphonios 1

There is a potential for a new proxy war in Syria if Turkey aligns with Russia in its fight against the US-Backed Kurds. After ISIS was defeated in Syria, the Kurds, acting on behalf of the CIA, moved in to takeover the oil fields. Turkey, however, is fighting the Kurds in Syria because they could unite with the Kurds in Turkey to create a new state that might diminish the influence of Turkey in the region. Since Turkey always had been a reliable ally of the US in NATO, this could be the beginning of a major global power shift that would increase the chances of conflicts between US and Russia. […]


Could The Iranian Protests Lead Up to Another CIA-Directed Coup?

January 3, 2018 The Truth Factory 1

The mainstream media is ignoring the history of US meddling in Iran, beginning in 1953, when the CIA and the UK overthrew the Iranian government in a coup known as ‘Operation Ajax’, after the populist leader, Mosaddegh, nationalized its oil fields. De-classified documents reveal that the CIA bused in protesters and paid pro-Shah mobsters to stage riots. The Shah was put in power and was later overthrown in 1979. Former US President, Jimmy Carter, staged a failed coup, and 52 American citizens were taken hostage. The current protests in Iran could be leading toward another coup. […]


New ​ Study Proves CIA Supplied Weapons to ISIS

December 18, 2017 ZeroHedge 1

This study, which was scientific, exhaustive, and irrefutable, confirms previous reports that the US and its allies have been the principle supplier of weapons to ISIS. In other words, ISIS is the creation of the US Deep State. In response to recent public awareness of this fact, President Trump ended the CIA weapons program, but there has been no discussion about preventing the military from taking over where the CIA leaves off. [The Deep State remains, so we expect the support of ISIS or other terrorist groups to continue. Why? Because you can’t fight a war on terrorism unless you have terrorists.] […]


Former CIA Chief ​Admits ​the Deep State Is Withholding Intelligence​ from Trump​

December 12, 2017 Daily Caller 0

In an interview with Politico, Michael Morell, the acting director of the CIA from 2012-2013, said he became political during the last presidential race, endorsed Hillary Clinton, and criticized the​ new President. Morell admitted that the CIA was withholding daily briefs from Trump, which he was supposed to receive from the moment he became the president-elect. […]

GEG Commentary

​White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter Deep State

December 7, 2017 The Intercept 0

Trump is considering a new spy network, organized by Erik Prince of Blackwater, to bypass the ‘Deep State’ and report directly to him and the CIA Director. ​[Although this is labeled as opposition to the Deep State, it IS the Deep state, which is famous for providing its own controlled opposition to deny it the option of victory. If this new unconstitutional unit comes into being, we expect it to continue all the major Deep State policies of the past but in such a way as to gain the endorsement of Trump supporters – and probably of Trump, himself.] […]