The World View of Professor of Clinical Psychology, Jordan Peterson, Is a Glitch in the Matrix

Jordan Peterson, Youtube
This documentary, produced by David Fuller, examines the underlying concepts that have attracted millions of converts to the world view of Professor Jordan Peterson. Warning! Watching this video could change the way you think.

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The World View of Professor of Clinical Psychology, Jordan Peterson, Is a Glitch in the Matrix | WeAreChangeTV.US

[…] 10, 2019 Jordan Peterson No Comments This post was originally published on this […]


Whew! Had to screw my thinking cap on. Love thinking, pondering the depths of life. I have met thousands of people in my lifetime and have had almost no conversation with a thinker/ponderer. We are a shallow culture, in spite of all our education. In fact, trying to discuss an issue is considered rude, I guess. But, it wasn’t until the end of this presentation, that I realized that this group is meant for men to get together to develop this skill of thinking. And I will honor that, since that will help the whole culture. And maybe somewhere a… Read more »

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady

When left and right try to compromise, it is really only the right that does, while the left sticks to its own already held beliefs. This ends up with the left swallowing the right and obliterating them.

willy montana
willy montana

The left -right paradigm is a false and created one. Lets go to the top of this mess, stay educated about the “enemy” propagating the divide and conquer game, and try to stop this fallacy. . Here’s the cliff notes for the lazy.


My sense is that political/social polarization has its roots in the unspoken rule that one cannot occupy “gray zones” and remain intellectually honest. Ideology that strays into fanaticism — from which we get the word “fan” as it relates to sports — often hinges on false dichotomies (“black & white thinking”). As such, hyper-partisan ideology tends to value loyalty — quasi-religious dogmatism — over critical thought. Far-wing ideology tends to stake out a position and exists from that point forward to defend and perpetuate itself. Adherents find cause to defend their ideas with great passion because there are elements of… Read more »