San Francisco: Communist Teachers Brought Children as Young as 5-Years Old to Leftist Pro-Immigration, Anti-Trump Rally, and Coached Them on Hateful Chants

Young children at rally shouting hate slogans, Youtube
Three public schools in San Francisco took kids as young as 5-years old to march in a “Close The Camps” leftist protest. The teachers are indoctrinating children that Donald Trump is a racist that hates immigrants. The children are also being lectured in public school on the preference for open borders.

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Giovanni Pincoletti
Giovanni Pincoletti
9 months ago

We can’t spend too many hand-wringing or tearful moments about the brainwashing of kids by commies, when it is plain and clear these are the same tactics that are used in our public schools and on a much grander scale than the commies could imagine. And…how do you define “communist?” Is it from a fascist point of view or is it more moderate which means those “commies” may just be “liberals?” It always amuses me when one side accuses the other side with the same crimes they themselves are committing. It is called hypocrisy. Most likely both are using the… Read more »

9 months ago

This is one huge disgrace….Those teachers and organizers should be arrested….and should lose their jobs… Children should be taught a learned skill called RESPECT…Respect for another human being and respect for the Police Department and respect for our leaders…..SHAME ON THE PARENTS OF THESE KIDS WHO ARE NOT STOPPING THIS HORRIFIC EVENT. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME..