Seattle Can’t Clean Human Feces Off Sidewalks Because Democrat Councilman Says Hoses Are Racist

Seattle Councilman, Larry Gossett, Wiki
Seattle, Washington is having trouble deciding how to remove human feces from their sidewalks thanks to Democrat city councilman, Larry Gossett, who claims pressure washers are racist. He says they bring back images of hoses being used against civil-rights activists. -GEG

Seattle, Washington, one of the most liberal cities in America, is having trouble deciding how to get human feces removed from their sidewalks thanks to a Democrat city councilman who claims pressure washers are racist.

King County Superior Court judges Laura Inveen and Jim Rogers recently asked the county to clean and patrol the area outside a local courthouse, but they’re being stonewalled by Seattle councilmember Larry Gossett.

The Seattle Times reports:

“Inveen told the committee about two incidents, one in late May and one in June, in which jurors were attacked in separate incidents outside the courthouse’s Third Avenue entrance. On other occasions, Inveen said, employees have been spat upon, slammed against a wall or punched.

Although cleaning and patrolling the area immediately surrounding the courthouse would not address some of the deep-seated issues faced by denizens of the space, it would send a signal that somebody was paying attention, she said.

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Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady

This is the height of stupidity. Since when does one council member outweigh the courts and the other council members. Hoses have been used for thousands of purposes since their invention. To pick out one of them and use it to define hoses is idiocy. When citizens of the city begin dying, I hope this lone councilman will be held totally responsible.

Seattle Can’t Clean Human Feces Off Sidewalks Because Democrat Councilman Says Hoses Are Racist | WeAreChangeTV.US

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How is he watering his garden or wash his car or wash his driveway or put out a fire? The fire brigade should refuse to use a hose when his house is on fire.

Daniel Thaler
Daniel Thaler

He must only take baths then and look like a friggin Orca while taking one as he’s lowered in and then out of the tub(Tank maybe in this instance). How do you people feel having a guy like this represent you? I already know. You’ll reelect him.

Tom Wilkins
Tom Wilkins

He is calling for all progressives to ratify the Endangered Feces Act NOW!