As Protesters Mobbed the Hong Kong Airport, China Moved Troops to Its Border, and US Navy Ships Refused Entry to HK Ports

Hong Kong Airport, Youtube
President Trump tweeted that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong in the tenth week of protests against mainland China’s extradition bill. Hong Kong police stormed Hong Kong International Airport to clear all protesters from the premises, using tear gas and pepper spray. Officials in Beijing refused two US Navy ships permission to make port stops in Hong Kong in the coming weeks, after repeatedly warning the US to stop interfering with Taiwan and Hong Kong, or face consequences.

RT, a website funded by the government of Russia, an ally of China, says the Hong Kong protests are orchestrated by the United States. RT claims the protests are similar to the 2014 protests in Ukraine, funded and directed by the US, that overthrew the government. [This story overlooks the role played by anti-Communists in Hong Kong and in China itself – such as Falun Gong – who are in the forefront of these protests. It is a large and genuine movement even if the US is playing a hidden role to support it. -GEG

Update (1325ET): While we have seen numerous clips on social media of troop build-ups over the past few days, President Trump has just tweeted confirmation:
Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!

Additionally, seeming to address the rumors of US involvement, he tweeted this just before…
Many are blaming me, and the United States, for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?

Update 6: The Chinese government once again condemned the protesters on Tuesday, accusing them of acts of terrorism, rhetoric they’ve employed against the protesters for days now. Meanwhile, President Trump said he hopes ‘nobody gets killed’ during the protests in Hong Kong.

Police have reportedly left the airport as the protesters have taken yet another man suspected of being an undercover officer from the mainland hostage. Though this man was eventually evacuated and treated by paramedics. Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Communist Party-friendly Global Times, insisted the man was simply reporting on the riots when he was captured. 

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terry shead
terry shead

You get the truth from RT, watch it all the time, the bbc is state propaganda?

Charles Ford
Charles Ford

Send in the fleet and announce that Hong Kong is separate from Red China just as is Singapore from Malaysia

As Protesters Mobbed the Hong Kong Airport, China Moved Troops to Its Border, and US Navy Ships Refused Entry to HK Ports | WeAreChangeTV.US

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Talk about propaganda, fake news, and sleeping cells. The Ashkenazic gov. brainwashed the Hong Kong students and the poor for decades if not a century-plus. Started as the College of Medicine in Hong Kong in 1912 which later became the University of Hong Kong. George Soros funded hundreds of millions to ignite riots in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Russia in order to establish their one world order. The CIA paid the Hong Kong students three to five thousand HKD each day to protest and pays them ten thousand to kill HK policemen. These thugs have destroyed government buildings, tore down… Read more »