Accused Frankfurt Train Station Killer Was Praised as a Model Immigrant by Swiss NGO. More Train Murders Covered Up in Media.

Habte Araya, Youtube
Habte Araya, 40, an economic migrant from Eritrea but living in Switzerland, was arrested for pushing an 8-year old boy and his mother under a high-speed train at Frankfurt’s main station. The boy was killed instantly. Araya is also accused of trying to push a 78-year old woman onto the tracks. The suspect fled but was tackled by passengers. He faces charges of murder and attempted murder. Araya was used in a 2017 campaign by a Swiss NGO as a poster boy for successful integration in Switzerland. The Swiss Workers Relief Agency (Schweizerischen Arbeiterhilfswerks), the NGO that promoted Araya, lobbies for open borders to bring in migrants who are likely to vote for socialism.

Just nine days earlier, a 34-year old mother was pushed in front of an oncoming train and murdered; a 28-year old Albanian Kosovar man was arrested in the west German town of Voerde. Last February in Nuremberg, three teenage boys were pushed in front of an oncoming train that left two of them dead. The accused murderers are both 17, and one is a Turk, and the other Albanian. The media tried to cover up the murders by claiming that the boys died in a tragic accident.

A REFUGEE who allegedly pushed an eight-year-old boy under a train in Frankfurt had been a poster boy for successful integration.

Habte Araya originally from Eritrea but living in Switzerland, has been arrested for shoving a boy and his mother under a locomotive in the German city.

Now it has emerged that the 40-year-old suspect was celebrated as a “prime example” of successful integration in his adopted home of Weadenswil, Switzerland,.

In 2017, he was even pictured in an advertising brochure from the Swiss Workers Relief Agency (Schweizerischen Arbeiterhilfswerks) as an example of successful integration, according to local media.

He gave an interview at the time saying that “he liked almost everything about Switzerland,” adding: “When I first came communication was difficult because of the language.

“But that is no longer the case. I like the fact that everyone is helped here regardless of whether they are rich or poor.

“I want a better and easier life for my children than I had.”


Employees at the Swiss Workers Relief Agency where he worked as a building fitter described Araya in local media as “reserved and a bit shy”.

He was described as a hard worker, not somebody who stands around talking and wasting time and they said he was “reliable”.

Araya arrived in Switzerland in 2006 and applied for asylum status which he was granted in 2008.

Witnesses described how Araya, a married father-of-three, pushed the boy and his mum onto the train tracks at Frankfurt Station before running away.

The mum, 40, survived the incident by rolling away from the tracks but the lad boy didn’t make it.

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Accused Frankfurt Train Station Killer Was Praised as a Model Immigrant by Swiss NGO. More Train Murders Covered Up in Media. | WeAreChangeTV.US
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