Montgomery County, Maryland: Adult High School Students from Central America Are Accused of Raping 11-Year-Old Girls

Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca and Ivan Reyes Lopez
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Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, a 20-year old illegal alien from El Salvador, is accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year old girl, and faces up to 55 years in prison. Ivan Reyes Lopez, 19, immigrated to the US from Honduras three years ago, and is accused of raping another 11-year old girl, on one occasion. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The Montgomery County Public School District sent a letter to parents stressing that the alleged rapes did not take place on school property.

In November of 2019, Montgomery County rolled back a portion of its “sanctuary” policy after a series of alleged sexual abuse and rape charges were leveled against multiple illegal aliens.

Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, an illegal alien, and Ivan Reyes Lopez were both arrested at school.
Montgomery County, MD – Two men who have been attending public high school in Montgomery County have been arrested for allegedly raping two different 11-year-old girls.

One of the suspects, 20-year-old Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, is an illegal alien from El Salvador, WJLA reported.

The second suspect, 19-year-old Ivan Reyes Lopez, immigrated to the U.S. from Honduras approximately three years ago.

Coreas-Salamanca, who is enrolled as a Montgomery Blair High School student, was arrested at the school on Feb. 13, WJLA reported.

According to court documents, the illegal alien gave an 11-year-old girl a cell phone at some point in 2019, then began exchanging explicit photos and text messages with her.

Coreas-Salamanca also allegedly used the phone to arrange sexual encounters with the pre-teen girl.

The victim’s father discovered the phone on Dec. 24, 2019, and began scrolling through the messages.

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