Venezuela: Attempted Coup to Oust President Maduro by Juan Guaido, Backed by the US

President Nicolas Maduro, Youtube
Venezuela: Juan Guaido who, with the backing of the US government, proclaimed himself president of his country, but without the support of Venezuelan citizens, called on the military to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro. Violence broke out as National Guard vehicles drove into a crowd of pro-Guaido protestors near La Carlota airbase. The event may serve as justification for US intervention.

If America starts a new war, it may leave Venezuela in ruins, like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. In addition, eight million refugees from Venezuela could seek asylum in the US. Regime change in Venezuela dos not benefit Americans, in fact, sanctions placed on Venezuelan gasoline made prices rise in the US.-GEG

UPDATE: American Quarterly’s Brian Winter writes: “One of Venezuela’s best journalists reporting that today’s action was planned for another day, and had strong military support – but they had to bring it forward because Guaido’s arrest was imminent, and then the military backed out.”

Pompeo claimed Maduro was ready to flee to Cuba this morning but the Russkies talked him out of it:

Guaido’s backers got they exact type of footage they wanted to try and justify foreign intervention – see videos…

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