Poway, California: Synagogue Shooter Killed One and Injured Four More

Chabad Synagogue in Poway, Youtube
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Poway, California: John Earnest, a white male, is the suspect in the synagogue shooting that killed a woman and left three more people injured. The shooting took place exactly six months after the Tree of Life Shooting in Pittsburgh. Authorities say they found Earnest’s manifesto that blames Jews for white genocide that he allegedly posted anonymously on 8chan. The author of this manifesto claimed that he burned a mosque in Escondido a week after the New Zealand shooting. -GEG

Several people were shot on Saturday at a San Diego synagogue. Police have one man in custody.

The shooting took place exactly six months after the Tree of Life Shooting in Pittsburgh.

One of the victims is said to be the synagogue’s Rabbi, Yisorel Goldstein, who founded the Chabad center in 1986.

There is at least one fatality.
The mayor of Poway is calling this a hate crime.

Police searched a home in San Diego today following the shooting.

We have come across what appears to be a manifesto for the Poway synagogue shooter. He identifies as an anon from 8chan’s /pol/ board. He claims he was inspired by the Christchurch shooting. His manifesto is filled with shitposting and should not be taken literally. https://t.co/a3QlN8dsDy

— ~Marietta (@MariettaDaviz) April 27, 2019

Police said the killer left a manifesto. Authorities are also examining his social media accounts.

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