Democrat Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Admits Her Goal in 2020 Is to Alter “Human Behavior”

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Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris, while campaigning, said that she is looking to alter “human behavior” with regard to implementing drastic changes to cut global warming by eliminating fossil fuels. Changing human behavior is the opposite of freedom. Leftists are usually more careful with their language instead of exposing their true totalitarian goals when trying to appeal to voters in a general election. Harris is an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal is projected to cost up to $93 trillion.
Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, says that the Green New Deal aims to phase out oil and gas usage over 10 years, which will impact farming and the transportation of food to cities, causing massive starvation and death across the world.

Campaigning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over the weekend, Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) made it clear that she is looking to alter “human behavior.”

Harris, a climate alarmist who just signed onto the outrageously expensive and oftentimes incoherent “Green New Deal,” essentially argued that tackling environmental issues means politicians conditioning and controlling their constituents — for their own good, of course.

“It is a fact that we can change human behaviors without much change to our lifestyle and we can save the future generations of our country and this world,” Harris told a crowd of supporters.

“But there has been a failure to do that because this administration, and the people who are apart of it, are in the pocket of big oil and are denying what we know is a reality around greenhouse emissions and what we need to do to curb those,” she continued, bluntly adding: “We need a new President.”

Harris was mocked online by conservatives for uttering out loud the Left’s true totalitarian leanings. After all, savvy progressives know that such admissions are supposed to only be referenced in coded language.

“The essential premise espoused by Harris is one that has deep roots in the Democrat philosophy. Raising prices and taxes on everything from carbon-based fuel to fattening foods is a hallmark of Democrat legislating and rule-making, from Capitol Hill down to city halls across the country. It is in that sense not a surprising thought for Harris to have or even share, but it was delivered decidedly more ‘on the nose’ than such liberal reflexes usually are by politicians hoping to win a popular vote,” argued TheBlaze.

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Democrat Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Admits Her Goal in 2020 Is to Alter “Human Behavior” | WeAreChangeTV.US
3 years ago

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dennis ward
dennis ward
3 years ago

The only green house gases are coming out of her ugly foul mouth! Climate change, we have 2 options adapt or die, nature doesn’t give a rats a$$!

3 years ago

How many fingers Winston?