Germany: Antifa Publishes 2019 Election Strategy to Assassinate Politicians in the AfD Party

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Indymedia, a radical leftist German Antifa website, published detailed instructions on how to assassinate anti-immigration AfD politicians. [You have to read these instructions to fully appreciate that they are a manual for murder.] Alice Weidel, a leader in the AfD party, has urged the German government to classify Antifa as a terrorist organization and for the Secret Service to prosecute Antifa for acts of violence. In response, the German government is threatening to come after members of the AfD party. -GEG

Radical German Antifa website Indymedia published detailed instructions for assassinating specific AfD politicians as part of the 2019 Euro election campaign.

The post was published on Jan. 30 by the Anti-German Antifa Underground (AAU).

“Instructions for Assassinations on AfD Swine during the Election Campaign!

First, obtain two polymer composite firearms in countries with more liberal gun laws (Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Austria). The (high-power) Glock 20 10mm is ideal. Purchase digital Motorola SRX 2200 walkie-talkies with encryption. Use a Trojan horse getaway vehicle: A van containing a change of clothes and several motorbikes will full tanks of gas.

Reconnoiter AfD campaign events. Choose target at will. The more well-known, the better (Von Storch, Weidel, Gauland, Meuthen). Björn Höcke is a primary high-value target (HVT). Andreas Kalbitz is also a HVT. Lesser-known AfD candidates are suitable as moving targets.

Study the locations, access paths, roads on maps.

Form teams. The A team should consist of two armed operators. White German women are ideal. Bodyguards will pay less attention to women who are pretty, made-up, and well-dressed. Running shoes required.

The B team are spotters to keep an eye on the surroundings. Spotters remain outside the main campaign venue. They transmit only the most vital info via secure walkie-talkies. They are equipped with fireworks to distract bodyguards.

The armed operators maintain a low profile at the event. Scan the venue for target, bodyguards, police. Movements and breathing must be calm, facial expression friendly and relaxed.

The spotters decide via walkie-talkie when to ignite fireworks as distraction. Before the explosion, they should begin leaving the premise in different directions on bicycles at a usual pace of approx. 15 kph. When the distraction occurs, the bodyguards will be focused on the direction of the bangs. At this moment, the operators close in on target. Draw weapons slowly and cross-fire double-tap at the immobilized target’s head. Immediately deposit weapon in coat or jacket pocket and hold on to it. Fire at threats from pocket if necessary.

Quickly make your way out of the frightened crowd to getaway van. Change clothes. Leave weapons behind. Drive van to prearranged location, scatter on motorbikes.

Van driver must clean the inside thoroughly. Get rid of stolen license plates. Destroy discarded clothes completely with burning gasoline. Disassemble weapons, dispose of parts in various locations. Wipe ammo clean and place in empty cigarette package. Throw package in trash.

Thereafter, each team member is on their own. Eat fresh fruit.”

AfD Chair in the German Bundestag Alice Weidel responded to the threat,

“With this outright call to murder, the far-left terror against the AfD has reached a new level. If they are calling for armed assassination, it seems all restraint has fallen. I call on the German government to classify so-called Antifa as a terrorist organization and close down the Indymedia portal. And I call on the Secret Service to concentrate on the real threats to democracy in this country instead of compiling huge, empty dossiers on the democratic opposition.”

The new head of German Secret Service Thomas Haldenwang recently overturned his predecessor Hans-Georg Maassen’s policy against persecuting the AfD (as Gateway Pundit predicted in November.)

On January, AfD member of parliament Frank Magnitz was attacked from behind and hospitalized in the city of Bremen, as Gateway Pundit reported. Although there is video of the attack and an Antifa group claimed credit, no arrests have been made so far.

Read full article here…

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MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
MJ Raichyk, PhD, mathematical decision analyst
2 years ago

Wasn’t that the pattern in Mexico’s last round of elections? A lot of people running for office getting ‘dead’. And coincidentally i’m sure, the Mexican elpresidente in that time period was later shown to be on the pay of the Mexican drug mafia…

So instead of limiting their PROPER efforts to prevent assassinations, the Deutsche politzei should start looking at their globalist glorious leader and her finances. I’d bet that would be interesting… don’t you think so?