25% of French Population Believe Elites Are Trying to Replace Europeans with Immigrants

Former French President Niclolas Sarkozy, 2008, Youtube
A new study reveals that one out of four Frenchmen believe that elites are using migration to replace Europeans in their own countries. 27% believe the Illuminati controls everything, 20% believe there is a global Zionist conspiracy, and 43% believe the government is working with drug companies to hush up the harmful effects of vaccines. The elites have confirmed their goal of replacing Europeans in their own countries. Watch the video of former French President, Sarkozy, saing that French people have an obligation to racially interbreed. He says that, if it is not done voluntarily, the state must use coercive measures. Barbara Spectre, an American Jewish woman who openly disdains the white race and who promotes multiculturalism in Europe (but not in Israel) says that Jews will play a leading role in the transformation of Europe, and this could create antisemitism. However, she says that Europe will not survive without their help. -GEG

A study claims that up to a quarter of the French population not only believe in a conspiracy of “elites” but also think those same elites are using mass migration to replace European populations.

The study, released by Jean-Jaurès Foundation and Conspiracy Watch, is the second of its kind and looks at the extent to which the French believe in various so-called conspiracy theories.

The study found that 27 per cent of French believe in an “Illuminati” of elites who control the population while one quarter say they believe in the theory of the “Great Replacement,” Le Point reports.

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Ron Avery

I’m interested in this kind of thing. But please cut down on the amount of crap one must do to leave a message here. Make the codes easier.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

Well forevermore! What on earth would cause them to think that?

25% of French Population Believe Elites Are Trying to Replace Europeans with Immigrants | WeAreChangeTV.US

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