Ron Paul Says Congressmen Have to Sell Their Souls to Get Ahead in Politics

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Former US Congressman, Ron Paul, says that Congressmen must sell their souls to have influence in government. He explains that, when he was in office, if he had wanted to be the chairman of the Banking Committee, for example, he would be expected to raise $5 to $10 million for the party. This money would come from the military industry and other special interest groups. To get that money, he would have to kowtow to their business interests. There are hundreds of thousands of government and military-weapons employees who are required to sign NSA and CIA secrecy agreements. If they blow the whistle on any of this, they can be put in prison. That is how the Deep State stays in power. In that way, the government becomes the servant of unelected rulers. [Be aware that this commentary comes from Russia Today, which is not trustworthy when presenting news from Russia. When dealing with issues and events in the US, however, we have found them to be highly accurate – much more so than American major-media sources. In this case. the content is from Ron Paul, and we have no doubt he is telling it the way it really is.] -GEG

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