Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Stacey Abrams, Says that Demographics Is a “Pathway” to Power

Stacey Abrams, Youtube
Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia candidate for Governor, says that demographics is dramatically changing politics in her state. She expects Democrats to “surge” and “reclaim power”.  A demographic shift is happening all over Georgia and, in most counties, white populations soon will become the minority. Abrams also says she would not oppose allowing illegal aliens to vote in local elections. -GEG

Former Georgia Governor candidate Stacey Abrams told PBS that dramatic demographic changes in Georgia is giving Democrats a “pathway” to “reclaim more power.”

Explaining why she thought she could win, Abrams told PBS’s Firing Line last week: “Georgia [is] changing fairly dramatically and very quickly. And I could see that there was a pathway for Democrats to surge and to start to reclaim more power in the state. I believe that we are a purple state. I like to say we’re blue and just a little confused. But the notion being that, as we continue to change demographically, our politics are gonna keep changing.”

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