African Births Will Outnumber French Births in France in 3 to 5 Years!

Youtube, streets of Paris
A 2014 study in France found that one-third of French births were non-white. The study was written before the mass migrant invasion of Europe began. The national rate of African births in France is 39%. 73% of children born in Paris are African.

This is how you remake a society.

A 2014 study in France found that one-third of French births were non-white.

The was before the mass migrant invasion of Europe supported by French, German, EU and Vatican leaders.

Today the numbers have risen dramatically.

73% of children born in Paris are African.

The national rate in France of African births is 39%

African births will outnumber French births in France in 3 to 5 years.

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Jamal Ashanti Bey
Jamal Ashanti Bey

But it was alright when the european countries were colonizing African and the rest of the world. Now it has come home to roost.
God doesn’t like ugly.


If they all lived in the country, would they have multiplied like this w/o any hope for food, absent ‘pillage and plunder’? No. So why not send them all into the country to forage for their food, or LEARN HOW TO EARN A LIVING like the rest of us do? Social welfare is the quickest highway to “divide and conquer”.


When you look at the dirt on the street, soon they have wrecked their host country to the like of their origin country and have to move again there where the white man established a way of living, so they can suck again.