NY State Senator, Kevin Parker, Lashes Out on Twitter and Tells GOP Staff Member to ‘Kill Yourself’

Kevin Parker
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New York State Democrat senator, Kevin Parker, posted a message on Twitter directing a Republican aide to “Kill yourself” after she pointed out that his state-issued parking placard was in a car parked illegally in Manhattan. Parker was forced to undergo anger-management counseling after bashing a traffic cop in 2005 and he was convicted in 2010 of slugging a NY Post photographer. -GEG

Hotheaded state Sen. Kevin Parker told a state GOP operative to “Kill yourself!” on Twitter Tuesday after she publicly accused him of misusing his official parking placard.

Parker — who was forced to undergo anger-management treatment after bashing a traffic cop in 2005 and was also convicted in 2010 for slugging a Post photographer — tweeted the message at state Senate GOP spokeswoman Candice Giove when she pointed out his state-
issued parking placard was in a car parked illegally in Manhattan.

He gave a halfhearted apology on Twitter, saying it was a “poor choice of words” — and then promptly doubled down in attacking Giove, a former Post reporter.

As the controversy unraveled, Parker groused to the Albany Times Union that Giove was a “Twitter troll” — before trolling her himself on Twitter for her previous role as spokeswoman for the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference.

“@Candicegiove is on the wrong side of history for every important issue facing New York State!” Parker tweeted.

The Brooklyn lawmaker claimed his remarks weren’t that bad and said the scandal was a “tempest in a teapot.”

“I’m sure people in my district don’t care,” he said. “Come on, people don’t care about that.”

One person who did care, however, was Flatbush Councilman Jumaane Williams, who booted Parker as co-chair of his campaign for public advocate.

“I’m very concerned by the statement I saw from Senator Parker on social media earlier today,” Williams said in a statement. “After speaking with him this afternoon, we have both agreed that it’s best for him to step down as co-chair of my campaign for Public Advocate.”

Republicans and Democrats alike slammed Parker for the outrageous comment.

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