California Sanctuary Law Got Illegal Alien Out of Jail, and He Killed 3 People!

As a direct result of California’s sanctuary law, Gustavo Garcia, a violent criminal with past deportations, was set free from jail. He shot and killed two people before speeding down a highway, driving in the wrong direction, and finally being killed in a police chase. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

Authorities believe 36-year-old Gustavo Garcia is responsible for several shootings, two murders, a carjacking, multiple high-speed chases, speeding in the wrong direction on a highway, causing several accidents, and a shooting incident in Tulare County. Garcia died during a police chase.

SB 54, California’s sanctuary state law, is to blame for the deaths. SB 54 applies to illegal aliens who are in jail after committing a crime. It protects criminals by preventing police from notifying ICE if an illegal alien is going to be released from jail unless the illegal has committed a major felony. However, major felonies have been reclassified down to misdemeanor offenses under three California laws, Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB 109. In essence, California has de-criminalized crime.

Most illegal aliens who commit crimes are charged with only misdemeanors and do not qualify for notifying ICE. They are released back onto the streets instead of being deported. Alex Villanueva, the new Los Angeles County Sheriff, said that he is going to remove ICE from the county jails, meaning that ICE will close down its permanent offices in the jails.

Two days before Gustavo Garcia’s “reign of terror”, he was arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance. He was held for only ten hours before being released. Within 48 hours, he went on a rampage. Garcia’s criminal record dates back to 2002, including charges for illegal possession of firearms and meth in addition to deportations in 2004 and 2014.

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Again, all Trump has to do is cut off ALL fed $$$$$ to the state and invoke the move to NATIONAL SECURITY reasons. That state MUST crash and burn. It is now “Mexico West.”