Alabama: Police Shot and Killed a Legally Armed Black Man at a Mall on Thanksgiving Night

Emantic Bradford, Youtube
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Hoover, Alabama: An armed black male, Emantic Bradford Jr., 21, was shot by police at a mall as officers responded to reports of gunshots on Thanksgiving night, but they appear to have shot an innocent man.  Bradford was reported to be legally carrying a handgun and directing shoppers to safety.  Initially, law enforcement authorities publicly identified him as the gunman and then changed their story the next day.  Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the family of Bradford said a forensic examination that was commissioned by the family showed that Mr. Bradford was shot in the back of his head and body while running away and posed no threat to the police.  A judge ordered the police officer’s body-cam video and mall surveillance video to b released, but it is being withheld from the public pending a criminal investigation by law enforcement.

Erron Martez DeQuan Brown, has been charged in the initial shooting of an 18-year old man and a 12-year old girl that drew the police to the mall, but claims that he did not instigate the violence. 

A black man killed by the police in an Alabama mall in November was shot three times from behind, according to a forensic examination commissioned by the man’s family.

The finding, announced in a news conference on Monday, was seen by the man’s family and lawyers as evidence he was running away and posed no threat to the officer who shot him.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., 21, was fatally shot in the middle of a panicked crowd at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Ala., on Nov. 22, as officers responded to reports of gunshots on Thanksgiving night. Witnesses said Mr. Bradford, who was legally carrying a handgun, was directing shoppers to safety.

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