Antifa Mob Made Violent Threats at Tucker Carlson’s Home After Doxxing Him.  Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity Were Also Doxxed.

Mike Isaacson, Youtube
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‘Smash Racism DC’ posted a video to Twitter showing the crowd chanting “racist scumbag, leave town!” and “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”  A sign was left at his front door bearing this message: “Tucker Carlson, you cannot hide from the people you hurt with your rhetoric, your lies, and your hate.”  The group left minutes after the police arrived — and no arrests were made.  In response to the incident, Carlson said the Antifa demonstration was not a protest, but rather a threat to him and his family. His four children were not at home at the time Smash Racism DC arrived, but his wife was home alone.

‘Smash Racism DC’ is the same group that chased Senator Ted Cruz out of a restaurant recently.

Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Buckley Carlson, Tucker’s brother, and Neil Patel, a reporter with the Daily Caller, were also doxxed on Twitter by an account affiliated with the Antifa mob that showed up at Tucker’s home.  The doxxers demanded that the people they are harassing “stop promoting racism and fascism.”  Someone affiliated with DC Antifa told The Gateway Pundit that the protest at Carlson’s home was “just the beginning.”

Update #1:  Tucker’s oak door was damaged by a mob member throwing himself against it and an anarchy symbol was spray painted on his driveway.  Police are investigating as a suspected hate crime.

Update #2:  Tucker Carlson said in an interview that he believes someone who has appeared on his show was at his house on Wednesday night harassing his wife.  The protest appears to have been organized by Smash Racism DC, an Antifa group that was co-founded by Mike Isaacson — who previously appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Isaacson said that he is not longer part of the group, but did tweet out this message:  “Tucker Carlson’s home is incredibly not on fire so someone is practicing restraint.”

A left-wing mob showed up outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house Wednesday evening, posted pictures of his address online and demanded that he flee the city of Washington, D.C.

Carlson, a co-founder of The Daily Caller and host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was at the Fox News studio when the angry crowd showed up outside of his house.

At least one of the protesters went all the way up to Carlson’s front door, where they left a sign with his family’s home address written on it and rang his doorbell. Carlson’s wife Susie was home alone at the time.

The group “Smash Racism DC” posted video footage to Twitter showing one of the mob’s ringleaders leading the crowd in chants of “racist scumbag, leave town!” and “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

“No borders! No walls! No USA at all!” the protesters chanted in another video posted to Twitter.

The group posted a picture of the sign with the Carlson family’s address on it to Twitter.

“Tucker Carlson, you cannot hide from the people you hurt with your rhetoric, your lies, and your hate,” the group wrote on Twitter, adding the hashtag “#KnockKnockTucker.”

Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center on Oct. 21, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon )

Twitter removed the videos and tweet with Carlson’s address Wednesday night after an inquiry from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The left-wing group’s Twitter account was suspended shortly after midnight on Thursday.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and president Jay Wallace released a statement Thursday denouncing the mob’s actions.

“The incident that took place at Tucker’s home last night was reprehensible. The violent threats and intimidation tactics toward him and his family are completely unacceptable,” Scott and Wallace said, adding:

“We as a nation have become far too intolerant of different points of view. Recent events across our country clearly highlight the need for a more civil, respectful, and inclusive national conversation. Those of us in the media and in politics bear a special obligation to all Americans, to find common ground.”

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2 years ago

What is “doxxed?” They’re making up these new words and not saying what they mean.
Come on folks, I support you but let’s communicate in English, OK?