Analyst Refutes Six Huge Lies by the Mainstream Media about the Migrant Caravan

Buck Sexton, former CIA analyst, handily refutes six lies told by the mainstream media and politicians about the migrant caravan.  The media lied that it was mostly women and children in the caravan, most of the migrants were sincere asylum seekers, there were no criminals in the caravans, Obama said that the caravans were so far away that it didn’t matter, the caravans were not funded by outside organizations, and Senator Kamala Harris said that is was wrong to deploy US military troops at the border.  But the military was needed as support for the border patrol because migrants tried to stampede the border.  Sexton made the point that under international law, asylum seekers are required to accept asylum from the first country they enter where their lives are no longer under mortal threat, but they have refused offers of asylum from Mexico. 

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