Man Who Gives Interview to TV Station Reporting Vandalism of a Republican Building Is Later Charged with the Crime

Tim Damm, Youtube
Rockford, Illinois: Tim Damm was arrested for spray-painting the words ‘rape’ and ‘shame’ on the Winnebago County Republican Headquarters on Sunday morning. Damm was present when police were investigating the crime and was interviewed by Eyewitness News. His T-shirt has the date 9/27/18 on it, which he says was the date Christine Blasey Ford testified. That date also was spray-painted on the building. He resisted arrest and faces up to three years in jail if found guilty of vandalism. [We are carrying this story, not so much for the content, but because it allows us to study the mentality of those who have been swept along by propaganda and fake news.] -GEG

ROCKFORD, Ill. – 42-year-old Timothy Damm, of Rockford, was arrested for allegedly spray painting the word ‘rape’ and ‘shame’ dozens of times on the Winnebago County Republican Headquarters on Sunday morning.

Damm was present when police were investigating the crime on Sunday, and was interviewed by Eyewitness News.

“There’s a large amount of passionate debate going on at this time,” Winnebago State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato said at a press conference Tuesday morning. “It is inexcusable to use senseless criminal actions to advance a debate.”

Damm was detained later Sunday at the Walmart on Riverside Blvd. where police found him in possession of additional cans of spray paint in a shopping bag.

He was taken into custody on Monday.

According to the criminal complaint, Damm danced on the table in the police interview room, stacked chairs and furnishings, and stripped down to his underwear. The complaint goes on to say that when police tried to escort Damm from the interview room he thrashed his arms and legs and refused to sit in the holding room. He was then taken to the floor and restrained in handcuffs.

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