NBC Executives Lie about Refusal to Run Weinstein Sex-Abuse Story. Could the Reason Could be Blackmail?

Harvey Weinstein, Youtube
NBC News covered up the story of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of women and is still lying about it: NBC News chair Andy Lack says the reason was that, at the time, there were no on-the-record allegations against Weinstein. But actress, Rose McGowan, was on record, and NBC management was aware of it, as confirmed by the following line in an NBC news script: “In later conversations with NBC News [McGowan] specifically named Weinstein.” NBC also had video tape shot by the New York police of Weinstein confessing to sexual abuse and apologizing for it. So, why the cover up? Weinstein has a long history of using private investigators to unearth damaging information about people who threatened him. Did he do that to NBC? Some within the company believe Weinstein threatened to reveal damaging information about former NBC news anchor, Matt Lauer, and possibly others in the organization. -GEG

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