New TV Series Pranks Celebrities into Making Outrageous Statements

Sacha Cohen, Youtube
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In a new TV series on Showtime, Sacha Baron Cohen poses as a TV journalist or film producer and, in that disguise, lures celebrities into making outrageous statements on camera or endorsing outrageous proposals. Famous figures caught in the trap include former Congressman Joe Walsh, Senator Bernie Sanders, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former VP Dick Cheney, and Larry Pratt, former head of Gun Owners of America. Cheney was given a waterboard to sign and actually did it. In two episodes, Cohen posed as a gun-rights advocate from Israel who wanted to interview Walsh and Pratt on the advantages of teaching gun safety and shooting skills to children as well as adults. Not suspecting that they were being lured into a trap, they both concurred with Cohen’s suggestion that kids are never too young to learn these things. When he said they should be taught starting at sixteen all the way down to three, they foolishly agreed. From that moment, forward, the thrust of the episode was that these men want to give loaded guns to three-year-olds. GEG

Sacha Baron Cohen, a comic known for pranking people, has a new show on Showtime, ‘Who Is America?’ Using a disguise and posing as an Israeli anti-terrorist expert, Col, Erran Morad, trapped well-known conservatives and 2nd-Amendment supporters into endorsing the giving guns to children as young as three-years old to protect themselves from school shootings. His first target was gun-rights activist Philip Van Cleave who made an fool of himself by recommending guns adorned with stuffed animals and a grenade launcher for young kids. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America recommended allowing toddlers to use guns.

Former Senate Majority Leader, Trent Lott, endorsed giving guns to kindergartners. Former Congressman Joe Walsh gave a full endorsement of the bogus program, including giving guns to four-year old kids and wished them “happy shooting”. Representative Joe Wilson said that a three-year old cannot protect himself with a pencil box. Only Representative Matt Gaetz was not fooled and refused to endorse children with guns on camera.

Former Illinois Congressman and radio show host Joe Walsh explains that he was duped because he is a big supporter of Israel. Sacha Cohen lied to him about who he was and set him up by flying him out to Washington, DC, to give him an award supposedly for being one of Israel’s greatest friends. He was told a made-up story about how an Israeli toddler fended off a terrorist with a gun, and then Cohen’s team had Walsh read from a script that included the endorsement of a gun program for small children that he believed was meant for Israel.

Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, also was duped and was outraged that Sacha Cohen posed as a disabled veteran while he mocked the middle class and American values.


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3 years ago

Can’t wait for Hollywood to crumble. I watch little to nothing that comes out of that decadent, despicable load of perverted communists. There’s no sense of class within anything they do anymore. They seem to rely on swears, naked women and grinding in everything they do.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
3 years ago

Since Cohen is the name of the Jewish priest class , it’s no surprise that he could fool so many people, including Cheney.
They have been duping unsuspecting Goyim since time immemorial and show no signs of ever changing their M.O.