London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Allow ‘Baby Trump’ Blimp to Fly at Parliament, Will He Agree to ‘Baby Khan’ Blimp?


Piers Morgan grilled London Mayor Sadiq Khan over his decision to allow a 20-foot blimp depicting ‘Baby Trump’ in a diaper to fly in front of the houses parliament, asking him whether he would also endorse a caricature of himself as a pig, which is offensive to Muslims, to be flown. Sadiq Khan will have the chance to prove whether he is in favor of free speech as he has claimed, as a counter-protest group has raised over $55,000 to construct an even bigger ‘Baby Khan’ balloon. Paul Joseph Watson exposes the wealthy environmental activist, Leo Murray, who is from a political insider family, as the organizer of the Trump balloon and is claiming that he is fighting back against the establishment.

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