Harvard Professor Proposes Packing Supreme Court with Leftists, Salutes Socialism

Ian Samuel, Youtube
Ian Samuel, a lecturer at Harvard Law School, says that 14 out of the last 18 Supreme Court justices were appointed by Republicans, and argues that the Supreme Court should add new seats to the Supreme Court, “packing” it with liberals to give more power to the left, as soon as Democrats recapture the presidency and Congress.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had Harvard professor Ian Samuel on his Tuesday night show to discuss his arguments to increase the size of the Supreme Court when Democrats take back the Congress, then “pack” the newly created seats with liberals.

While Samuel noticeably tried to make his argument sound as reasonable as possible to Carlson and the Fox News audience, his true colors came through when Tucker gave him the last word.

“Wouldn’t it just be easier to give California, I don’t know, 27 new congressional districts in LA County and be done with it?” Tucker asked his guest. “Or maybe just abolish Congress entirely. If the goal is just to increase the power of the left, why mess around with the Supreme Court?”

Samuel responded by contending that both sides “agree on the basic end,” that the Supreme Court “not be a partisan institution subject to sort of like ideological swings.” Citing the fact that “14 out of the last 18” justices were appointed by Republican presidents, Samuel insisted that he only wants to return the court to being a “nonpartisan institution.”

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An indoctrinated indoctrinator. Hopefully President Trump can help break this cycle of liberal depravity.

Jerry Hewes
Jerry Hewes

Unfortunately this guy is a professor at Harvard. It seems the standards have been reduced to walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time. It is painfully obvious this creature has no comprehension that there is a right course for mankind and it has nothing to do with the actions of liberals. To add their nonsense to political discourse in the name of balance is the death of rational behavior.


and this moron is a professor at Harvard?? how the mighty have fallen! this once great university is now nothing more then an indoctrination center for future communists. don’t let your kids go to this school!! they will be brainwashed for life, not to mention being stuck paying off their student loans for life as well.


By the liberal standards, him being white and male makes him anathama? Maybe he will get the memo soon, or just get the boot based on his color…