Democrats Freak Out as Kanye Flips the Black Vote that Could Doom the Leftist Party

If Democrats lose more than 15% of the black vote, they will lose national elections. Kanye West has 28 million Twitter followers, and many have been influenced to support Trump. Poll numbers show that the 8.9% of the black community supported Trump before Kanye’s endorsement, and now 16.5% favor Trump, which is a death knell for the Democratic party. Leftists will do everything in their power to reverse the trend. His life was threatened by a fellow hip-hop artist.  There is also a chance that Kanye is just stirring controversy to grab headlines and promote his new album.

Warning!  Vulgar and violent language.  Daz Dillinger, a rapper affiliated with Snoop Dogg, invoked the Crips gang to attack Kanye West.


“The only people that support Donald Trump are old, white racists.”

That’s been the mantra of the Progressive Left since they lost the election (and their minds).

So understanding why the Left is in such a panic over Kanye West, the logic is very clear and simple:

** Only Old White Racists support Donald Trump
** Kanye West supports Donald Trump
** Therefore, Kanye West is an old, white racist.
** And obviously, that’s proving a bit tough to sell.

If the Democrats do not receive 85% of the Black vote, they can not win a national election. Democrats have been running America’s inner cities – nonstop – for three generations now, and for three generations Black Americans have had to watch their children being murdered on the streets because everywhere they turn, their hear the same, monstrous lie: Republicans are racists so Republicans would be worse.

When Kanye West says he likes Donald Trump, he is giving millions and millions of his follower’s permission to like Donald Trump. And when Kanye says he likes the way Candace Owens thinks; when we find he watches Jordan Peterson videos; and when he actually quotes the Smartest Man Alive, Thomas Sowell, he is not only giving those same people social proof, social permission to do these things. He is also making millions and millions and millions of people ask, for the first time in their lives, “Who is Candace Owens?” “Who is Jordan Peterson?” “Who is Thomas Sowell?”

If they start asking those questions, they will start looking for answers. And then watch as the wheels fly off of the Progressive Indoctrination Industry.

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Democrats Freak Out as Kanye Flips the Black Vote that Could Doom the Leftist Party - Easton Spectator

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Michael Kayne. WHO CARES? Is he a god? Someone to be worshiped?
So sick of celebrity BS. I could care less about dems or their liberal pea brains. By posting this celebrity nonsense, like Alex Jones, etc, is such an un newsworthy pole of junk.


Then there’s the historical fact that not a single republican of the time owned slaves. Just democrats.