Canada: Migrant Crisis Leads to Fighting in the Streets as Police Stand Down


Last year, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited all self-professed “refugees” to his country via Twitter, effectively opening the borders without any vote or debate.  Activist Faith Goldy visited the primary point of entry on the southern border of Quebec and upstate New York, and was spat upon and attacked by Antifa and other pro-immigration extremists.  Police in riot gear stood down and just watched.  She is afraid that the migrant crisis is overwhelming her country and dividing people to the point that it could lead to civil war.

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Canada: Migrant Crisis Leads to Fighting in the Streets as Police Stand Down - Easton Spectator

[…] by Faith Goldy  […]


There seems to be a confusion in terminology. I have long ago concluded that fascism & communism are two sides of the same coin. The latter were never left wing (we lived through both); my UBC prof called “communism” state capitalism — similar to today’s corporatism, a few men hold all the power in both. So these are really both one.

In my youth it was good to be a law abiding patriot. But today those are the really bad far rightists. I think people need to learn English better. Or is it think more clearly?

Robert H. Burt
Robert H. Burt

If it doesn’t lead to civil war, it will lead to worse.

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady

Until the people of Canada quit voting in leaders like Trudeau, this sort of think will continue to happen. The only true role of government is to protect the citizens of a country, not take in refugees. There are way too many of them to take in and fully assimilate (if they fully wanted to assimilate, which they don’t).


Canada under Trudeau is on life support. If given another mandate in the next election, Canada is done for as the country we once knew.