AG Jeff Sessions Taps an Obama Federal Prosecutor to Investigate Abuses of Obama Administration

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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed US Attorney, John Huber, to investigate abuses by the FBI and DOJ during the Obama administration. The issues to be investigated are the FBI abuse of FISA surveillance rules to damage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Uranium-One deal that gave Russia control over 20% of US uranium supplies. Obama first appointed Huber to his administration in 2015.  [The chances of Huber finding any serious crimes committed by any member of the Obama administration are between zero and none. Once again, President Trump’s supporters must find a reasonable excuse for an unreasonable appointment.] -GEG

On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he will not be appointing a second special counsel to investigate crimes committed by Obama’s FBI and DOJ.

Rather, AG Sessions revealed U.S. Attorney John Huber will be the ‘top federal prosecutor’ who will be investigating the abuses.

The Hill reports:

CNN first reported Thursday that John Huber, the federal prosecutor in Utah, has been investigating Republicans’ allegations that the FBI abused a surveillance program against a former Trump campaign adviser.

Huber has also been looking at whether the FBI should have more thoroughly probed Hillary Clinton‘s ties to Uranium One, a Russian nuclear energy agency.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was first appointed to his position by Barack Obama in 2015.

Huber turned in his resignation after Trump won the presidential election, however; Trump named him interim attorney for Utah and put him on a list of U.S. appointees, reported the Washington Times.

Although Huber was reappointed by President Trump with the backing of Republican Senators, it’s still unsettling that at one point he was Obama’s pick.

“He [John Huber] has been involved in the highest profile cases and coordinated task forces on everything from counterterrorism to violent crime. He has been recognized at the highest levels in the Department of Justice for his performance,” Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said in a statement, the Deseret News reported.

Top conservative voices expressed their disappointment with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to forgo a second special counsel.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said in a tweet: “So the Obama DOJ can open a legally questionable investigation into the Trump campaign—allegedly based on a campaign volunteer mouthing off at a London bar—but this DOJ can’t appoint a second special counsel after all the troubling documents we’ve seen? Disappointing.”

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4 years ago

UNbelievable to see this happen!