Demonstrators at Women’s March 2018 Cannot Explain Why They Are There. It’s All Emotion.

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The Women’s March 2018 in Los Angeles had hundreds of thousands of attendees, yet few could verbalize what they were protesting or supporting. Instead, they were driven mostly by hatred of President Trump, one woman even said her goal was to kill him It’s all on video. -GEG

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4 years ago

This is precisely WHY women are prohibited from VOTING and otherwise taking part in the political process of an ‘honorable’ society. This same PRINCIPLE is clearly stated in the New Testament at least 3 places. Besides that, every conquering monarch KNOWS that the best way to destroy a society is to MANIPULATE THE WOMEN, which is pretty easy, as is amply proven in today’s media. In the Old Testament it was done by Balaam, which is called “the error of Balaam” in the New Testament. Why do you think men install WOMEN in public offices (like Merkel is)? It’s b/c… Read more »