New California Law Automatically Registers People to Vote, Even Illegal Aliens

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California’s new law will, not only allow people to vote when they obtain a drivers license, but will cause them to be automatically registered, even if they are not citizens.  Ann Coulter says 60% of votes in California are done through the mail, so illegal aliens will not even need to vote.  They just need to get a driver’s license so Democrat Party staff members can mark and mail the ballots. -GEG

Ann Coulter slammed a new California policy that could open the door to illegal immigrants voting.

Starting April 1, California will automatically register to vote adults who obtain or renew a driver’s license, including potentially large numbers of noncitizens in the state. Drivers who say they are legal will have their information sent to state voter rolls unless they opt out.

Critics say this opens the door for widespread voter fraud, but defenders of the policy, like Democratic strategist Jose Aristomuno, say the state has made it clear that undocumented individuals are not allowed to vote.

“Yes, illegal aliens are big rules followers,” Coulter remarked to him on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday night.

She said even before California passed the law allowing automatic voter registration, leftist groups in the state have been stealing elections with illegal immigrant votes, arguing that this policy will only make it worse.

She pointed out that approximately 60 percent of ballots in California are sent in by mail.

“It’s not even the illegal aliens who need to go and vote. Don’t worry, they’ll be voted for. You just need them registered to vote,” Coulter said.

“This is all about voting. Illegal immigration, legal immigration, … DACA, it is 100 percent about voting. At least California makes it clear.”

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4 years ago

At 3:22 Mr. Aristimuno says “…In California, there are 4 to 5 million people who are not registered..we need to get them registered…this is about Democracy.”

Should it be mandatory for all citizens to register? Maybe some people don’t want to register, and that is their right. Maybe they have no interest in voting. That used to keep them from jury duty in my state, but my state started pulling from the DMV lists for jurors. Who is this WE?

4 years ago

Wait till they start ‘voting by default’; where they’ll use some excuse such as “there was not enough of a voter turn out so out so our Democrat programmed computers will automatically vote for those who did not! I can just see it now. …. and onward the steam roller of collectivism presses forward in the Mao Star State of Kommiefornia!